Thursday, July 26, 2012

What should you be thinking about during your IVF cycle ?

There many possible answers to this question ! For one, you need to focus on making sure that you're taking all your medications correctly and that your doctors are monitoring your cycle properly. You need to be well informed about your ultrasound scan and blood test results ; and you need know all the medical details about your follicles, eggs and embryos. Many patients spend a lot of time fantasizing about success, while others are paralysed by the possibility of failure. The most important thing you need to pay attention to during your IVF cycle is what you should do in case your cycle fails. This might seem paradoxical , and in fact a lot of patients get quite agitated when I give them this advise. They think I am being negative and pessimistic – and feel that I must not be confident of my medical abilities.



  1. " and feel that I must not be confident of my medical abilities".

    Dr, I think you should remove 'not' in this sentence!

  2. Dear Manju,

    I am very confident of my medical abilities :)

    It's just that patients sometimes feel that I must not be, when I ask them for their inputs. Many Indian patients expect doctors to be authoritative and authoritarian - they are expected to know all the answers !


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