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PESA ICSI success story at Malpani Infertility Clinic

We are from the Caribbean . I am 30 and my wife is 24 ,we got married 3 years ago,and we were trying to conceive from year and a half,but we couldn't made it ,it was so disappointing  when we were expecting a good news every month.We finally decided to visit a doctor in India when we were there for our vacation.We consulted a gynaec who suggested both of us to do some tests, and as per tests reports my wife had no problems for conceiving but my semen analysis reports showed that I had zero sperm count.It was very frustrating and annoying after hearing this news, it was our time to go back home.

After going back home each month was like a year for us.We started researching about the treatment over the net.We came across many hospitals and doctors who had a good history dealing with such treatments,there were many possible treatments for infertility,but we were not sure what exactly should be done in our case.We came across DR. MALPANI's site ,it looked very promising and homely.Then we started browsing over all the views and comments of all the previous patients of DR.MALPANI ,not even a single couple  was unhappy with his treatment and his staff hospitality .We decided to go to India and consult him.

September 2011 when we met him for the first time he put all the pros and cons possible in front of us and told us to have a second opinion if we wish too.He was very honest and kind,he suggested me to repeat the semen analysis again to make sure if it was a  obstructive azoospermia or an nonobstructive azoospermia. In my case it was absence of vas deferens which was the reason for my obstructive azoospermia.The DOCTOR decided to do PESA/ICSI in our case.The treatment was started and my wife use to take injections at the clinic where his staff use to treat us with great hospitality and they made us so comfortable with their humble and caring nature .

We had 5 embryos out of which 3 were fertilized and a grade A embryos,all of which were transferred after two days of the egg collection.

Then it was 14 days waiting period before we could know what will happen whether it would be a good news or a better luck next time.By the grace of God and Dr Malpani and his staff's hard work, we got a bonus with twins.I always believe where there is a will there is a way.

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  1. Hi
    I read this post 2 times. It is very useful.
    Pls try to keep posting.
    Let me show other source that may be good for community.

  2. reading this makes me think because my wife could not have children and I think the problem is me so bad that we have not gone to any doctor to clear this doubt

  3. Dear David,

    It's far better to know the truth ! Once we know that the problem is, we can always find a solution !


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