Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why it's not a good idea to have laparoscopic surgery before doing IVF

Many infertile women have fibroids and endometriosis. These are extremely common findings in all women in the reproductive age group ; and we'll see them in fertile women as well, so it's not very surprising that we find see them in infertile. Now , when a gynecologist sees fibroids and endometriosis in an infertile woman, even if plans to refer this patient for IVF , he will often advise endoscopic surgery to remove the fibroid; as well as treat the endometriosis. The logic behind this is that removing the endometriosis will help to "cleanup the pelvis" and therefore increase the chances of embryo implantation. Many gynecologists explain to patients that fibroids can grow during pregnancy, and can cause a miscarriage; which is why it's good idea to remove them before actually starting the IVF cycle.


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  1. The information you have shared is really important. Its really educates us. Thanks for sharing.


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