Saturday, April 28, 2012

Why do women who miscarry blame their uterus ?

I often see women who have had recurrent miscarriages , or who have failed many IVF cycles, who want me to do surrogacy treatment for them. From a purely rational point of view , this makes perfect logical sense . Their reasoning is simple – the fact that they are getting pregnant means that they are fertile; and the fact that the embryo is growing well within the uterine cavity for eight weeks and then not developing any further , clearly means that there is no problem with the embryo. Their unstated hypothesis is that their must be something wrong with either their uterus or the ability of their body to nourish the embryo after 8 weeks, as a result of which their embryo dies in utero and does not develop any further. It makes perfect sense for them to feel that their body is "rejecting" the embryo - perhaps because of some unexplained biological reason , which doctors still do not have the technology to be able to detect . If this hypothesis is true, then it makes sense to them to transfer their embryos into another woman's uterus , where they will not be rejected, so that they can grow and become a longed-for baby.


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