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IVF Success story for a NRI from the USA

My name is Farzana and I am one of the blessed patients of Dr. Malpani‘s .My journey of trial and tribulation began when I got married 10yrs back .We both were very fond of kids and started trying right away . I never knew my irregular periods will be such a big problem as being young you tend to take things lightly. After two years of trying we finally went to a gynecologist to get ourselves checked .To my dismay I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome and straight away told to be on medication and diet control and that’s it. Nothing happened for another 3 years and after lot of sobbing and crying we decided to go to a reproductive specialist in California.

They were very straight forward about our infertility and told us as we have crossed our prime age it will be difficult for us to conceive .They put us on three cycles of clomid which failed and later on we were suggested to go for IUI’S( intra uterine insemination ), which we did and after 7 failed cycles of IUI’S finally I had enough of it , with all the medicines, doctor’s appointments , hopes and disappointments and not to forget the feeling of worthlessness which took a toll on my well-being . My positive personality and carefree attitude vanished , I had changed for the worse .By that time we had drained all our funds as the medical treatment of our infertility problem was not covered by insurance in US.
One day I decided to take matters in my own hand and searched for fertility related problems on the net and right away Dr. Malpani’s website came up. I wrote to him casually about my problem and to my surprise I got a prompt reply and Dr.Anirudh Malpani suggested me to stop my IUIs right away and go for IVF’S , which I am thankful to him for.

Dr.Malpani’s clinic came as a pleasant surprises . It didn’t look like a typical doctor’s office but rather had a comfortable cozy ambience with friendly front office staff and cordial nurses.
Dr. Anirudh Malpani talked to us in detail as a friend and discussed with us about our problems and frustrations, he suggested that we are not alone and he and his staff will always be there throughout the IVFprocess. The best thing about the doctors is they remember your name and Dr. Anjali Malpani is a fresh breath of air in the clinic, her friendly demeanor will put you at ease from the beginning and you will immediately come to know that you are in good hands.

The IVF procedure becomes easier when you get a good support from the doctor and nurses, you are explained everything in detail from the start to the beginning and even get the courtesy to see your embryos before the transfer.

Though I had 4 failed IVF’s but doctor Anirudh and Anjali Malpani tried there level best to provide me with all the best options to conceive. I have never seen any doctor so confident and positive, Dr. Anjali always told me that I will conceive .Now here I am 2 months pregnant with all the support and treatment of Dr.Malpani. By God’s grace I am constantly guided by Dr.Anirudh malpani regarding my medicines and treatment though in USA .The best line I ever heard “Farzana I will always be your doctor no matter where you are “.

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  1. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Congratulations Farzana! Thanks a ton for sharing with us your successful IF journey! Your story will definitely help us to keep our hopes high. Wish you a very happy and healthy 9 months! God bless!

  2. Infertile Gynaecologist1:38 PM

    Rightly said....
    "I will always be your doctor!"
    Those words are so soothing :)
    I agree, these are the best words for an infertile couple and it is indeed very comforting to hear (even when I was not undergoing treatment under him, for my third ICSI)
    Hopefully we will be lucky this time :)

  3. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Congratulations Ms.Farzana!!! Thank you for sharing your encouraging story.It helps us to keep our hopes and dreams in HIGH.!!! May God Bless you always to you and to your family.!!!So


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