Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Why it's safe to take antibiotics ( and other prescription medicines) after the embryo transfer

Many women are petrified that if they do something wrong after their embryos transfer ( during the two week wait), they will end up harming their embryos and damaging them. This is why some of them will take leave from work and stay at home; while others will fret and fume about whether they are allowed to take any medicines at all after the transfer.

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  1. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Dear Dr,

    I can partially agree with you. Yes it is true that the embryo has not established a connection with maternal blood supply and hence there is no danger of birth defects. But, we must not forget about our ignorance regarding the happenings during embryo implantation. Embryo implantation is a complex process which involves the interaction between the endometrium and the embryo. The endometrium is known to secrete several cytokines like interleukins and VEGF in an attempt to establish a connection with the embryo. For example, cox-2 inhibitors like ibuprofen were found to decrease VEGF expression and inhibit or eleveate certain interleukins in invitro experiments (in different cell types). VEGF expression peaks in the secretary phase endometrium and is thought to play a role in embryo implantation. Imagine a woman popping in 1 or 2 Ibuprofen for calming her body pain during that short ‘window of implantation’. It does have an effect or it doesn't, we do not know. For a woman who is trying to conceive in bedroom it doesn't matter. Miss an implantation they have numerous implantation attempts for free :). But we IVF women are different, every implantation attempt costs in lakhs: D It is always better to be safe! Even if my head will break open with pain I will never take something if it will hinder my chance of implantation by 0.001% :) (ofcourse the reason is not the money but the love for my unattached embryo which might be struggling to establish a connection with me (my endometrium! ) :)


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