Wednesday, March 14, 2012

IVF success story for patient from UK

Our story starts with having done four failed IUI’s and four failed IVF treatments in the UK. We found that the treatment in the UK was very impersonal, we felt like a number. We found that any queries we had about our treatment was taking a long time to deal with, answers would have to be chased for. In 2010 we were recommended to go to India for a treatment with Dr Malpani by my brother and sister-in-law, who underwent this process with them successfully a few years ago. We had doubts about the quality of treatment in India , but we kept in touch with Dr Mapani via e-mail. He was very prompt in replying and very understanding. His second opinion about our circumstances was very encouraging and supportive.

We arrived in India in November 2011 and started our IVF treatment. We found Dr Malpani’s approach very professional, along with the Nurses who put us at ease and were very friendly. We felt that Dr Malpani wasn’t just trying to take our money but had our best interests at heart. During the treatment we had many concerns and were put at ease by emailing Dr Malpani, who always, no matter how busy he was , had time to answer all our questions. His wife and himself explained all the procedures in detail, so we could understand the process.

Dr Malpani recommended that we put in 3 embryos but I insisted that I wanted 4 as this felt right to me at the time. I should have listened to the doctor as I had complications later on (the doctor knows best :) I started bleeding and assumed the worst. We sent a late e-mail that night and were amazed at a quick response the same day

On day 14 after transfer (two weeks of nervous waiting, but Dr Malpani was only an email away, to deal with all my little concerns). We had the blood test done at the clinic as we were lucky enough to have a month’s holiday. During the first three months of my pregnancy, it was difficult but with the advice of Dr Malpani he put me and my husband at ease. I am now five months pregnant and hoping to do my next IVF for my next baby in India. I am also encouraging close friends to do IVF in India with Dr Malpani. What they say about Dr Malpani through the online testimonies are all true. Without their help and support , I would not be pregnant – they have made all my dreams come true.

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