Friday, February 18, 2011

Why I want my patients to become IVF experts !

I want all my IVF patients to become an expert on IVF , which is why we spend a lot of time and energy in educating them; and in creating unique online educational tools to help them to learn more about IVF.

Now, I am not trying to teach my patients how to do IVF in their bedroom ! The reason we want them to know as much about their treatment as possible is because this is the best way of explaining to them why we are so good at what we do - and what makes us better than other IVF clinics . The outcome of any IVF treatment is always uncertain, and no matter how good I am , there is no certainty that the IVF cycle will be successful. Also, it's a very competitive field, and there are over 40 IVF clinics in Bombay itself ! Sadly, most patients are quite clueless, and do not have the ability to differentiate between a good IVF clinic and a bad IVF clinic.

If we actively involve patients in their IVF treatment, they are better able to understand what makes us one of the best IVF clinics in India. When they understand the science behind IVF, they appreciate all the time and effort we take in monitoring them and in personalising their treatment . We work hard in order to help our patients to have a baby, but only well-informed patients can truly appreciate all the effort which goes on behind the scenes !

Also, well-informed patients have realistic expectations from the IVF treatment . They understand that human reproduction is not an efficient enterprise and do not go to pieces when the IVF cycle fails.

Most IVF clinics are extremely stingy about providing patients with information about their medical treatment. They seem to take the approach that patients are stupid and will not be able to understand anything about their IVF treatment because it's very complex ! Some don't even bother to provide a treatment summary - while very few provide photographic documentation of the embryos.

We routinely provide our patients with photos of their embryos . Making embryos is the heart of what an IVF clinic does and we take pride in our work ! This is a tangible end point I can deliver and seeing high quality embryos reassures the patient that they have received high quality medical care - and this helps to build patient loyalty. Many will frame these photos and use them to start their baby's album !

Educating our patients is an investment in helping them to achieve peace of mind that they have received high quality medical care, so that no matter what the final outcome, they know that they have had their best possible chance at having a baby by taking treatment in our clinic !
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