Friday, February 25, 2011

BBC News - Fertility treatment success is not prevented by stress

BBC News - Fertility treatment success is not prevented by stress: "The lead researcher from Cardiff University, Professor Jacky Boivin, said that it was a 'common myth' that women who were stressed would impede the effectiveness of fertility treatment.

She commented: 'There are a lot of myths around how people get pregnant. 'Women having fertility treatment who do not get pregnant early on often blame themselves for getting too stressed out and the longer they remain not pregnant the more stressed they get. This just reinforces the myth.'

However, she felt that it was important women did not ignore the stress that they were feeling: 'Fertility treatments are stressful in themselves. Women should not ignore feeling stressed - because apart from anything it could mean that they do not persist with treatment.'

Around one third of couples end assisted reproductive treatments early, because of the stress involved in undergoing treatment."


  1. I won't understand what is exactly the mean of this title...let me please clear.

  2. This type of the problem generally occurs such that we should go for the gyno and asked for a good fertility specialist. By which we can easily get all the things from them.


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