Thursday, February 10, 2011

Surrogacy versus embryo adoption

One of the major problems with surrogacy today is that it is overused and misused.

This is especially true when surrogacy is advised for patients who have failed multiple IVF cycles
or had multiple miscarriages. These patients are very depressed and have very low self esteem. They often end up believing that it's their uterus which is defective; and they therefore believe that surrogacy would be their best treatment option. They often approach IVF clinics asking for surrogacy treatment - and many doctors are happy to oblige, because this is a very profitable treatment option !

In reality, surrogacy is an expensive and complex treatment option, which is best reserved for
women without a uterus. Research shows that the reason for failed implantation is much more likely to be genetically abnormal embryos ( because of poor quality eggs), rather than a uterine problem.

For these patients, embryo adoption is a much better option. It is much less expensive; and has a higher success rate, since it's allowing us to bypass the basic problem. It's also much more socially acceptable, since it's the parent's name on the birth certificate, so that no one else needs to know that the child was born as a result of embryo adoption. Even better, it allows for much better bonding, as the mother can experience the pregnancy herself !

Unfortunately, most IVF doctors do not bother to explain alternative options to their patients , because they can charge much for surrogacy. This is actually a misuse of surrogacy treatment which preys on the infertile couple's ignorance and desperation !

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