Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why infertile couples need to look for solutions - and not worry about problems !!

Many infertile couples are very confused about how their treatment. Unfortunately, many gynecologists add to their confusion. Thus, if an infertile woman is found to have endometriosis, they will spend a lot of time, money and energy on "treating " the endometriosis with medicines. Similarly, the woman has irregular periods, they will concentrate on trying to "regularise the cycle" !

Why are these approaches flawed ?

The truth is that we really do not have any effective treatment for endometriosis. This is hardly surprising, when you consider that we do not even know what causes this enigmatic disease ! While we are very good at suppressing this medically ( with GnRH analogs), this suppression is only temporary. Even worse, while these medicines are very effective as suppressing the endometriosis , they also suppress normal fertility ( because they stop ovulation). This medical treatment just wastes time and money ; and patients get fed up and lose confidence in doctors and in themselves !

What about laparoscopic surgery for removing the endometriosis ? While this is effective in some selected cases ( those patients with open tubes, good ovarian reserve, and anatomic distortion because of adhesions), it's not helpful for the majority. In fact, in some women, unnecessary surgery actually reduces fertility as normal ovarian tissue is also removed along with the wall of the chocolate cyst, thus reducing their ovarian reserve.

Unfortunately, patients believe that once the doctor has made a diagnosis of endometriosis, this disease is the cause of their infertility; and that once this is "treated", their fertility will be restored, and they will be able to get pregnant in their own bedroom. However, this is also a flawed assumption ! Endometriosis is a very common finding, even in fertile women; the endometriosis found on the laparoscopy in an infertile woman may just be a red herring, and not the cause of the infertility. This is why "treating" it may not help at all !

Similarly, patients with irregular cycles are often very poorly managed. Many patients are unsure about the relationship between their irregular cycles and their fertility, and consider this as a chicken and egg problem. They naively believe that once the cycles are regularised, they will then get pregnant in their own bedroom ! After all, if the reason they are not getting pregnant is the fact that their periods are irregular, then surely fixing the irregularity problem will them to have a baby ! Many doctors also seem to subscribe to this belief, and will regularise the cycles by putting these infertile couples on birth control pills ! While this will regularise the cycle while they are taking the pills, this is hardly helping them to have a baby ! They obviously cannot get pregnant while taking the pill - and once they stop the pill, their cycles continue remaining irregular, because they are still not ovulating !

If you are infertile, how can you make sure your doctor is providing you with the most effective treatment ? The answer is surprisingly simple ! Remember, that the reason you are infertile ( no matter what your actual diagnosis is !) is the fact that your eggs and sperm are not being able to meet. The question you need to ask is - what is the doctor doing to increase the chances of the eggs and sperm meeting ?

Thus, if he is simply suppressing your endometriosis with drugs; or regularising your cycles with birth control pills, he is wasting your time and not doing a good job ! We need to look for solutions - not waste time in finding problems which maybe irrelevant . Fortunately, our technology for bypassing problems ( even without identifying them precisely ) is better than our technology for identifying problems !

Remember, the question should NOT be "Why am I not getting pregnant ? " Rather, it should be - What can I do in order to get pregnant ?" After all, no one cares about problems - we only care about results - about having a baby ! The quality of a doctor’s answers depend upon the quality of the patient’s questions !

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