Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How to fool IVF patients

Infertile patients are very vulnerable, and it's quite easy to fool them. Sadly, many IVF clinics will do so ruthlessly.

Here are some of the ways IVF clinics provide a sub-standard service to their patients.

1. They do not have the required training or expertise. It's shocking, but one of India's "leading" IVF clinics is run by a doctor who is a skin specialist ! ( Check out the resume and biodata of the doctor carefully - and ask to see his medical degree, if you do not want to be taken for a ride !)

2. They do not have the required staff members . Many IVF clinics do not have a full-time embryologist, which means the IVF lab is often poorly run and the equipment not quality controlled or tested on a regular basis.

3. They quote success rates which are inaccurate and inflated.

4. They do not share information with the patient during the cycle - or even afterwards. They just mouth platitudes, saying - everything is fine , without providing any details

5. They do not provide photos of embryos, which means there is no hard-copy documentation of what the end-result of the IVF treatment is !

Many patients have burned their fingers by selecting poor quality IVF clinics. The only way you can prevent this problem and protect yourself from being fooled is by asking questions on a proactive basis !

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