Thursday, July 15, 2010

Patience With Patients

There is a reason doctors and nurses are called "caregivers" and it's been proven time and time again that when putting patients in a caring, positive environment, healing time is decreased significantly as opposed to a sterile, strict atmosphere where doctors and nurses exude arrogance and are insulted when questioned.

Family Matters

Last year, as I sat in the hospital with my mom who was very sick with cancer and couldn't take care of herself, for the sixteenth time waiting to see which type of nurse and doctor we were going to get: Jekyll or Hyde, I realized how nervous I had become when it came to who was going to really take care of the most beloved person in my life. I wanted the best for this wonderful person and knew she deserved the best, but I had become extremely defensive each time we went to the hospital due to the spectrum of health care personalities we had experienced. Not wanting to over step my boundaries with a dozen questions about why and what the staff would do to help my sick mother, but I struggled with the fact that she needed treatment physically, but also emotionally and when we were blessed with a friendly nurse and doctor that went a little out of their way to show that they cared, we held onto them with both hands as they led our terrified family in what we trusted was the right direction.

Life and Death

I've heard several horror stories about arrogant doctors who got a little too cocky and make mistakes that could have killed their patient due to their overconfidence. These types of mistakes happen more frequently than most people realize but are overlooked or covered up. So question your doctor or nurse, don't be afraid to stand up for your rights as patients, after all, it's your body and if you are uncomfortable, find someone else. It's hard enough to go through a painful time or watch someone who is sick and needs help, but trusting your care giver and feeling confident that they are also looking out for the one you care about or your best interest is imperative in the healing process both physically and mentally.

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