Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why I prefer website referrals

The source of patient referrals for most doctors has been other doctors. This is often a very cozy system, especially amongst doctors who practise in a hospital setting, who will often refer patients to one another.

For us , however, our major source of patient referrals is other patients - and our website ! I prefer this , for many reasons !

Firstly, I do not need to give any kickback or commission to the referring doctor. I am answerable only to my patients, which means I can focus on doing what is in the patient's best interests.

Also, website referrals automatically select for the type of patient we prefer treating - intelligent, curious, well-informed and well-read patients , who take an active interest in their treatment and want to be treated as intelligent partners. These internet positive patients are aware, do their own homework and do not blindly follow a doctor's orders. Not only is it much more fun to treat such patients, it's also a lot easier, because they have realistic expectations from the treatment and are appreciative of the hard work we put in to help them to have a baby ! Even better, because they are inquisitive , they often teach me a lot , based on their own research and experience - I can have intelligent conversations with them, which keeps me on my toes ! I feel it's important that the doctor-patient chemistry be right, and this kind of patient meshes very well with our philosophy of patient empowerment.

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