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Adoption versus embryo adoption

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Many infertile couples are happy to explore the option of adoption in order to build their family when IVF treatment fails.

They naively believe that after going through the ordeal of many failed IVF cycles, adopting a baby will be a piece of cake. However, many find to their dismay that there just aren't that many babies available for adoption anymore !

In one sense, this is hardly surprising ! With improving levels of education and the empowerment of women, unmarried girls use contraception and terminate unwanted pregnancies. Very few women will now carry an unwanted pregnancy all the way to term.

However, while the number of abandoned babies is gradually shrinking, the number of infertile couples is progressively rising. There are now long waiting lists - and many adoption agencies just do not have any babies available for adoption ! The ones they do have are often much older; or have a disability, which means many infertile couples are not happy about adoption them, because most would prefer a healthy newborn.

The good news is that there is now a newer option available, to help many couples satisfy their desire for a baby, if they are willing to consider adoption. This is the option of embryo adoption. Unfortunately, this is a choice which not many infertile couples are aware of. Sadly, even social workers in adoption agencies and gynecologists are not familiar with this new advance.

What does embryo adoption involve ? Rather than adopt a baby, couples adopt embryos ! The option has many advantages.

  • There are no waiting lists
  • The success rates are high
  • Couples get to experience pregnancy and birth
  • There is no social stigma, since the name on the baby's birth certificate is the infertile couple's
  • There is no need for the couple to get permission for this decision from family members

Where do these embryos come from ?

These are supernumerary embryos which young infertile couples going through IVF freeze and store for themselves. If they get pregnant in their fresh IVF cycle, many are happy to donate their embryos to other infertile couples, to help them build their family. Embryo adoption is usually anonymous and confidential.

You can read more about our embryo adoption program here.

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