Tuesday, April 06, 2010

PrivateAccess™ - Your solution for controlling who sees your personal health information

PrivateAccess™ - Your solution for controlling who sees your personal health information " At its core, Private Access, Inc. wants to make life a little safer and easier for you and your family to share confidential and private information on the internet. To accomplish that, we've introduced a new online product called PrivateAccess™.

PrivateAccess™ puts you in control of your own health information. When you create a PrivateAccess™ account, you decide who can see your health information and the conditions under which that permission is granted. There are no fees for individuals to use PrivateAccess™.

The founder of Private Access, Inc., Robert Shelton, has a son with a rare genetic condition. Robert serves as chairman of a non-profit patient advocacy group that helps people and families whose lives are affected by similar conditions.

Through his work, Robert has noticed that people have two goals that are often at odds. Individuals want to keep their health information private—they may not even share their condition with their families—but at the same time, they know that granting access to the right people, such as researchers, can help accelerate medical breakthroughs.

It was from this tension—the justifiable wish for both privacy and access—that the company was born. And PrivateAccess.com lets you manage both.

Create a PrivateAccess™ account and take control of your information today, giving “private access” rights to those you trust, under the conditions that you’re most comfortable with."

This is a great solution - and will encourage patients to maintain their own PHR !

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