Friday, March 26, 2010

Physicians vs. Insurers -- An Uneven Fight

Physicians vs. Insurers -- An Uneven Fight: " Frustration with payors' changing reimbursement protocols and regulations is universal among physicians. They want to render service and care, not worry about third parties influencing decisions about who they can treat, how they treat, and, ultimately, the kinds of outcomes they can affect:

• 77% agree that time spent with payors and third parties inhibits their ability to spend time with patients (5% feel differently) .

• More than three-quarters believe payors inhibit the care physicians would like to provide their patients; just 7% feel the care they would like to provide is unaffected by payors."

Right now we have a doctor vs insurer scenario. This is tragic. After all, birth should be on the same side - that of the patient ! If health insurance companies can align their interests with doctors ( by helping them to be more productive and efficient), a lot of this tension will get resolved, and patients will benefit !


  1. I agree with you.Generally,health insurance companies are mistrusted.I recently read an article that said HMOs were one of the most mistrusted organisations in US!

  2. Now you can take a tips before consult to insurance companies.


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