Monday, March 29, 2010

Invest in patient engagement

Invest in patient engagement " This great website offers a comprehensive review of the best worldwide evidence, in English, of what works to engage patients and the public in healthcare.

This site will help healthcare providers to deliver higher quality, more efficient care and treatment, which:

* empowers patients with greater knowledge
* gives patients a better experience
* makes the best use of healthcare resources, and
* contributes to improved health behaviours and better health.

By analysing and making accessible 280 high quality research reviews, we answer the following questions:

* What can patient engagement and public involvement achieve?
* What works, when and for whom?
* What proof is there of effectiveness?
* What return on investment can be expected?
* What are the Best Buys?"


  1. Good hard work here. I am impressed by your amusing post. Thanks.....

  2. Indeed. Keep up the good work.


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