Friday, February 19, 2010

Website for Doctors is finally live and kicking

Website for Doctors is finally live and kicking. We have setup websites for ten doctors within the first month of going live, which means the idea behind the venture is a solid one. Doctors have a business to run and need to provide high quality information to their patients to give high quality service. A website is a great medium to communicate with patients – and has now become a key tool for every doctor in private practice.

Why does Website for Doctors appeal to the doctors who are signing up? Because we are a specialized service, like a highly specialized clinic, serving only doctors. Since we focus on dealing only with doctors, we understand their needs and wants , so we can deliver what is best for them.

Every website we have done has gone live online within 48 hours of the doctor providing us with the required information. What’s more important is that after the doctor takes the first step of choosing a template and sending us his basic data, we can send him his personalized dummy site by the next day. Seeing it live and understanding that his clinic is now live on the web enthuses doctors to ask for more ! Seeing is believing !

What allows us to bond with doctors and give them the solutions which they need ?

- our specialization based galleries;
- our dedicated team ; and
- our medical domain expertise, because of the knowledge we have acquired as a result of developing our EMR products .

The websites we create can be tweaked and the content modified to give the doctor’s patients exactly what they need from the doctor's website. A superspecialist consultant can get exposure to international patients; while a small city specialist can get publicity and provide directions to his clinic.

There is still long way to go in actually making Websites for Doctors from a doctor’s “want” to a “need”, but the process has begun ! Apart from the basic features of a website, there are some simple tools which can go a long way to improve your website experience for your patients. Our aim at Website For Doctors is to recommend these tools , such as health calculators, video galleries, online patient history forms ; customized ask the doctor queries; and google maps which provide directions to the clinic.

You can check out some of our work at Some of our client sites include:,, .

All these websites were ready in double quick time and to the satisfaction of these doctors. Even today we provide suggestions and accept them to tweak them to make them better. As Mercedes says “the road to perfection has no finish line” but it definitely gives us , and the doctors who have decided to take this journey along with us , a goal for the future!

Aditya Patkar, Marketing Director, Plus91

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  1. Website for Doctors is a simple initiative which actually realizes the application of Information Therapy to the Indian Doctor. Instead of using Technology in space age ways, this is a simplified mechanism of allowing doctors to share important content: Both Medical and Administrative with their Patients. A Great example is this site for Dr. Masrani

    There are more features in the Plus91 Ideation Center for W4D which include widgets for Patient Questionnaires linked to their EMR's. The future here can be very exciting...

    - Nrip

  2. Anonymous10:21 AM

    In all the doctor sites, that you have set up, I don't see these:-
    health calculators,
    video galleries,
    online patient history forms;
    customized ask the doctor queries; and
    google maps which provide directions to the clinic.

  3. Dear Prasoon,

    That's because these are basic websites. All the additional tools are add-on options which we provide if the doctor asks for them !

    They do cost more.

    Dr Malpani

  4. Hey Prasoon ... Good to see your comment.

    We have stopped providing Google Maps and are instead making custom maps starting with a copy of the Yahoo Map and then adding overlays to pin point the location as that results in better aesthetics. Take a look at the map in the Contact us part of any of the sites Eg. the Site for Dr. Masrani at

    Custom Ask the doctor Queries and Health Calculators are there on many of the microsites. Unfortunately only one of the doctors who have taken a w4d site yet has wanted health calculators. See which has that feature.

    You will soon see Video Galleries in one of the upcoming site as the concerned doctor has agreed on it.

    Online patient history forms are there at too alongwith a fully fledged Online EMR. However, its behind the closed doors of a login screen :)... But hearing you we'll setup a microsite with that so that doctors can play around with it to see its usefulness.

    Thanks for the comments again.

    - Nrip for WebsiteforDoctors and Plus91


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