Sunday, February 14, 2010

Personal Medicine International - Discover a better solution

Personal Medicine International - Discover a better solution: "Are you sick and tired of running on the treadmill of third party payer medical practice?

Recent studies have confirmed what you already know – that due to declining reimbursements and rising malpractice premiums, incomes have fallen over the past decade. As a result, most primary care practitioners feel they have no choice but to cut appointment times and increase the volume of patients – sometimes up to as many as 40 per day.

“The great danger is that you stop caring. The goal of each day and each night is simply to move everyone through, to clear the decks, rather than to deliberately and expertly care for those who need it and reassure those who do not.” – Victoria Rogers McEvoy, MD, from How Doctors Think

The Personal Medicine Solution: Reinvent the Lost Art of House Call Medicine Using 21st Century Technology.

The Personal Medicine Team is co-founded by Pediatrician Natalie Hodge, MD, a mother of 3 who spent a decade running on the treadmill of a high-volume pediatric practice.

Extensive research led Dr. Hodge to a clear conviction: That combining the traditional benefits of house call medicine with the advantages of state-of-the-art technology in a direct medical practice model would result in a dramatic improvement in healthcare – and in the professional satisfaction of primary care physicians.

Today, Personal Medicine is proud to provide an innovative platform that makes house call-based medicine an excellent supplement or alternative to your office-based practice. Whether you are contemplating implementing concierge practice or researching your practice alternatives, the Personal Medicine solution will help you transition away from your dependency on third party payors and take control of your life!"

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