Monday, February 15, 2010

Problem of Recurrent miscarriage - a couple from Bangalore / USA

My wife had 4 recurrent miscarriages with ultrasound scanning showing a fetal pole & no heart beat. We met Dr. Malpani on May 3rd 2008 personally in his clinic after contacting him through emails. Dr. Malpani diagnosed it as an occult PCOD and suggested the following empirical treatment for 4-5 months and recommended we try naturally , since there was no issue with conceiving.

Please take the following.
Tab ASA-50mg 1 tablet daily
Tab Folvite (5mg) 1 tablet daily
Tab Glyciphage (500 mg) 3 tab daily

In fact, Dr.Malpani suggested the same treatment in his email also (free second opinion service) and he re-iterated the same while we met him in person. We just followed above empirical treatment and got the success through natural intercourse. Dr. Malpani has been so kind to guide us through emails giving reassurance after conceiving naturally asking my wife to continue the above empirical treatment along with 600 mg vaginal progesterone suppositories daily till 20 weeks.

The above success story really shows the expertise and kind hearted nature in this commercial world of a doctor who gave suggestions through emails. I would like to recommend Dr.Malpani for any of your obstacles in having a baby. Both these doctors are GOD sent and excellent, there is no match for the kind of quality service that they provide.


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