Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Ten things patients hate about doctors

Before I start on my top 10 things people hate about doctors, I just want you know that I work in-house as a lawyer for a large company. Someone in the business sent the team this Dilbert cartoon. There are at least 3 things that the business hates about in house lawyers set out in the cartoon.

I look at it as 3 things lawyers can improve on ..

Top 10 things people hate about doctors in no particular order

· Having the sense that your doctor is not really listening to you;

· Having the sense that your doctor does not really understand how the situation impacts on you;

· Not giving you all the information you need;

· Not feeling he or she is giving you enough time;

· Telling you a procedure isn't painful when it is;

· Not being willing to try other treatments. Some doctors have a certain treatment plan and they are not willing to individualize it for you.

· Allowing patients to wait forever – our time is precious too.

· Reluctance to refer a patient to someone else when the patient is ambivalent about you or the treatment;

· Not giving you a sense of hope.

· Not enough empathy. All doctors could have more of it !

This is a list from Shanti Berggren ( [email protected]).

What do you dislike about doctors ? And how can doctors improve ?

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