Thursday, September 18, 2008

After a failed IVF cycle - what next ?

When an IVF cycle fails, it's important to analyse what happened; and what can be done to improve the chances for next time.

While the doctor needs to do a medical analysis for all the important biological variables ( were the eggs OK ? do we need to tweak the superovulation regime ? was the endometrium fine ? ) , the patient also needs to do some soul-searching.

How well did she cope with the cycle ? How physically stressful was it ? Emotionally ? Can she go through it again ? Is her husband willing to see her take all the shots and deal with the grieving if it fails again ? What if the next cycle fails again ? What is Plan B ? What's the most important goal - to get pregnant ? or to become a mother ?

Failing an IVF cycle is a crisis - which means it is both a danger; and an opportunity for further personal growth. How we deal with our personal crises is a reflection of our personal maturity - and what does not kill you, makes you stronger !

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