Saturday, September 27, 2008

Doctors get beaten up in Mumbai

Watch this and cringe !

If you are doctor, remember that it will be your turn tomorrow. " Ask not for whom the bells toll - they toll for thee !" If we do not stand up for each other, we will all fall separately.Today it was this innocent couple – tomorrow it will be some other doctor’s turn !

Unfortunately, doctors have lost their clout and professional standing because we do not have any unity.

Things will only get worse is what my fear is, as we abdicate our role.

If you are a patient, worry about how a doctor is likely to treat you if he has been manhandled like this. The doctor-patient relationship has gone to the dogs - and all of us are to blame, as we watch as silent spectators.

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  1. Good effort, keepit up.dr ashish mahobia.


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