Thursday, March 01, 2007

Personal health records pull patient's data to one file | - Houston Chronicle

Personal health records pull patient's data to one file : "The PHR is the latest addition to the alphabet soup that is health care, and it may actually do a body good.

EHRs — electronic health records — were the focus in the health information-technology industry when President Bush began pushing for standards to facilitate the sharing of health records across the nation.

But that was two years ago. Now, personal health records are the order of the day.

'The PHR movement is beginning to take solid root,' said Donald Mon, a vice president at the American Health Information Management Association.

A personal health record helps solve a big problem: Even if medical facilities create electronic health records, 'a consumer's health information is still going to be distributed across many health records,' Mon said. 'The PHR is the one place where you can accumulate all your health information in a consistent way to reflect your lifetime of care.'"

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