Saturday, March 03, 2007

6 A’s to Health Promotion

“6 A’s to Health Promotion”. This is from and is useful for all health professionals !

1. Assess: Use a short, well-directed interview. Remember that selfreported
behaviors are usually underestimated.
2. Approach: A warm, empathetic, and non-judgmental approach is
better received by the patient.
3. Advise: Personalize the risks and benefits to the patient, while
emphasizing “quality of life”.
4. Agree: The patient will be much more willing to implement change if
there is a mutual agreement based on compromise. Ask “How
important is this change to you? and how confident are you that you
can make the change?”.
5. Assist: Self-management skills and resources are important. What
are her sources of additional assistance?
6. Arrange: Follow-up and resources. Patients are 30% more likely to
comply with treatment if they know there will be follow-up.

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