Tuesday, August 17, 2021

The commonest reason for IVF failure - and what you can do about this


While it’s true that IVF cycles can fail because of medical reasons such as poor quality eggs or a poor uterine lining, in India the commonest reason for IVF failure is the poor quality of medical care provided by the IVF clinic .

Many IVF clinics don’t have the experience and expertise to superovulate the patient to retrieve enough good quality eggs; and their lab isn't able to do a good job with making top quality blastocysts, because they don’t have a full-time embryologist.

This is a huge problem in India , where there is no quality control or regulation, and any gynecologists can call themselves an IVF specialist and start doing IVF !

This is the reason why so many patients continue to fail IVF cycles in India . Their doctors doctors provide suboptimal care , and unfortunately patients are not sophisticated enough to be able to differentiate between a good IVF clinic and a bad IVF clinic .

They naively believe that all clinics are equally good, and often end up going to the clinic which provides the cheapest treatment ; or the one which is closest to them ; or the one which publishes the biggest ad in the newspaper ; or the one their GP refers them to; or the one which provides free counselling camp in order to acquire more patients.

This becomes a very expensive mistake – because they end up being penny-wise and pound-foolish .

The success rates of these IVF clinics is very poor, and to add insult to injury, the doctor blames the patient for the IVF failure , and instead of acknowledging responsibility that they provided poor quality care !

They then start doing many more expensive test in order to determine why the IVF cycle failed – and these include useless tests such as ERA ( endometrial receptivity assay) and PGT ( preimplantation genetic testing) , which allow them to earn even more money. Patients often become desperate when their IVF cycle fails, and these clinics then start suggesting to the patient that they need to use donor eggs to surrogacy in order to get pregnant. This is terrible medical advice, because it is completely wrong, but it’s very profitable for the doctor !

The underlying problem is that it’s difficult for a patient to differentiate between a good clinic and a bad clinic, because the websites of the clinic all look the same, and they all make the same kind of claims of being the best clinic, with the highest success rates !

The one single question you need to ask before paying your fees for your IVF treatment is to confirm that the clinic does only blastocyst transfers , and provides embryo photos routinely and proactively to all their patients . This is such a simple question to ask - and it's so easy to find the answer ! This will ensure you don't waste money going to a clinic, and this is one simple free way to maximize your chances of IVF success !


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