Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Please don't go to an IVF clinic which is not enrolled with the ICMR !


You know that it's very important to find an experienced IVF doctor to make sure that you maximize your chances of IVF success .

IVF is an expensive treatment which requires a lot of coordination between the clinician and the laboratory . However, thanks to the lack of regulation in India, any gynecologist can set up an IVF Clinic and call themselves an IVF specialist , even after doing a two day workshop and getting a “diploma in IVF”.

The Government doesn't provide any oversight , and refuses to take any action to protect vulnerable IVF patients , who get exploited by doctors who take advantage of their ignorance and gullibility.

Ignorance can be expensive, and doctors end up fooling patients , who unfortunately allow themselves to get fooled because they not done their homework . They aren’t able to differentiate between a good IVF Clinic and a bad IVF clinic . This is partly because patients underestimate their ability and intelligence to understand the nuances of IVF treatment ; and this is also partly because patients still continue to blindly trust their doctor . This is fine if you end up in a good IVF clinic , but can be extremely dangerous if you end up in a bad IVF clinic.

This is why it's so important you verify that the doctor deserves your trust , rather than to give it away blindly . The Government has started taking steps in the right direction , and the ICMR has started initiating some degree of quality control by enrolling IVF clinics to ensure they have the required equipment. Unfortunately , this is still voluntary , and because there is no law , many clinics continue doing IVF without being registered with the ICMR . This is not in the patient's best interest , so a simple question which you can ask your IVF clinic is – Are you enrolled with the ICMR ?

Every good IVF clinic highlights their ICMR enrollment number on their website , and if the clinic doesn't have an ICMR enrollment for whatever reason , then you shouldn't be going there .

Now , there is no certainty they will provide high quality medical care just because they have an ICMR registration , but the absence of an ICMR registration is definitely a red flag !

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