Wednesday, June 16, 2021

The pre-pregnancy stage of an IVF cycle - the 2ww

The two week wait ( 2ww) after the embryo transfer is an extremely difficult time for IVF patients.

They know the embryo is inside their uterus, but they don’t know whether it will implant or not. So are they pregnant ? or not ? Are they partly pregnant ? potentially pregnant ? pre-pregnant ? What do you call this grey-zone no-woman’s land ?

Until they do the beta HCG, they don't know what the result is going to be , and this suspense can drive them crazy ! Each day seems like an hour !

Every symptom – or its absence – either elates or depresses. You know that you should not read too much into them, but your heart cannot stop doing so.

You obsess over every sign your body is giving you – and drive your husband mad with your doubts and questions.

You will have good days , as well as bad days , and terrible days – especially when you start spotting.

Sadly, there is no shortcut for fast-forwarding time, and you just have to live through this phase, one day at a time . Hope for the best – and prepare for the worst !

The truth is every fertile couple goes through the same phase when trying for a baby – the only difference is that they don’t know whether or not an embryo has formed.

In an IVF cycle, when you see your embryo, you get attached to it, and desperately want it to stick and become a baby, which is why it is so much harder to deal with this uncertainty .

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