Monday, November 09, 2020

Your embryo is safe in your uterus - like a pearl in an oyster


Even in this day and age , IVF patients still have all kinds of myths and misconceptions about embryo implantation . They worry that drinking tea or wine will damage the embryo; or that strong smells will reduce the chances of their embryo implanting. They want to know what foods they can take in order to increase the chances of embryo implantation , and that “hot” or “ cold “ foods will reduce the chances of pregnancy.  Sadly, a lot of these myths are propagated by clueless aunties; unreliable websites; and even doctors, who advice patients to take “strict bed rest” !

These are all myths. Let’s not forget that embryos implant  routinely in the uterus of fertile women all the time – after all, this is what they were biologically designed to do. When fertile women have sex in their bedroom , they don't know when they ovulated or when the embryo fertilized , and this makes absolutely no difference to their chances of getting pregnant.

Your embryo is not going to “ fall out “ of your uterus if you walk around !

Just because we have done IVF for you doesn't change anything at all as far as implantation occurs . The uterus is designed to allow for embryo implantation , and once your embryo is inside your uterus , it is safe , like a pearl in an oyster . You should stop obsessing about dos and donts  because none of your actions will either increase or the decrease the chances of your getting pregnant .

Please carry on with your life, and don’t make a bad situation worse by unnecessarily adding to your stress levels or by restricting your daily normal activities.

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