Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The teratozoospermia ( abnormal semen form) racket for "diagnosing " male factor infertility

A common racket we are seeing these days is for every semen analysis test to be reported as having teratozoospermia - the technical term for a large number of abnormal sperm forms/ shapes.
The truth is that most lab technicians don't actually know how to check for sperm morphology properly.
I suspect that they don't even bother to do this properly, and just report every semen sample as having a large number of abnormal forms to maximise their work load !
After all, when the report is abnormal, the doctor can triumphantly point out to this abnormality, and claim that this is the reason for your infertility !
The patient is very pleased that the doctor is intelligent, and has been able to diagnose the reason for his infertility ! 
The doctor will now prescribe lots of useless medicines - and some will even advice that the patient undergo ICSI treatment , which is expensive.
While ICSI is the only correct treatment for patients who actually do have teratozoospermia, the problem is that the diagnosis itself is incorrect in the first place !
Before accepting this diagnosis, please go to a reliable lab and insist that they give you a slide of your stained sperm, so you can be sure they have actually checked for sperm morphology properly . This is a time-consuming test, which takes a lot of expertise, and most labs cannot do this properly.

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