Friday, January 03, 2020

Unexplained infertility - IVF as the ultimate diagnostic tool for infertile couples

IVF as great as a treatment option for infertile couples, because it is the final common pathway for bypassing all kinds of infertility.
However, please also remember  that it's a great diagnostic tool as well , because it provides us information which no other test can do today.
For example, lots of women don't get pregnant because their eggs are of poor quality; or the man's sperm count and motility may be normal, but the sperm is functionally incompetent. This is the problem of poor quality eggs and lazy sperm, but there's no test to assess gamete function currently, and these patients are often labelled as having "unexplained infertility" .
This is why IVF is so useful, because it allows us to see what happens when you put the eggs and sperm together in the test tube.
Are the eggs mature ? of good quality? Are they able to fertilize?
And are sperms able to fertilize the egg?
Fertilisation is the true test of the fertilizing capacity of the gametes, and the only way we can get that answer is by doing IVF !

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