Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Why aren't young Indian professional women freezing their eggs?

We often see women who are now 40 and want to do IVF to get pregnant. They postponed having a baby because they were busy pursuing their career, and are dismayed to find out that the chances of having a baby with IVF at their ager are low, because their egg quality has dropped dramatically as they have aged.
They wish they had got pregnant when they were younger, but the tragedy is that we  can't reverse the clock.
When I tell them that they could have frozen their eggs when they were 30, they are very upset that their gynecologist did not discuss this option with them at that time. They missed the chance to have their cake and eat it  too, because egg freezing would have allowed them to continue pursuing their career safely, and use their 30 year young eggs when they became 40, and were ready  to have a baby.
Many of these older women why their younger colleagues , who in their 30s,  aren't aware of this option that they should be freezing their eggs if they want to protect their reproductive potential.
This is partly because there are still lots of misconceptions about egg freezing and IVF success rates, and need to be dispelled, so women don't kick themselves later when they get older and find that they are now infertile because their eggs have aged.

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