Saturday, April 06, 2019

Being Infertile does not mean that you are a failure !

One of the problems of being infertile is that patients start thinking of themselves as failures, since they can't even do such a simple thing like making a baby in their bedroom - something which millions of women do routinely all the time.
This can be very hard to come to terms with, especially for a lot of young, successful, professional career women , who are so used to getting everything they want in life.
They are academically smart, accomplished , do well in exams, get the job which they want, and the husband they want.
When they find that they can't get a baby, their self-esteem takes a big hit, and they start wondering whether they're good for anything else at all.
This can be extremely difficult because in one sense this  is the first time in their life they're coming to terms with their own biological frailty - their own mortality in one sense.
The fact that not everything is in their control can be very unsettling. Some become bitter and angry, while others acquire a certain degree of humility . They are able to cope better , because they understand that they should be grateful for what they have , and learn to make the most of this.

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