Thursday, February 07, 2019

When doctors cause infertility !

The biggest tragedy in reproductive medicine is when patients are made infertile as a result of the doctor's treatment !
This hurts , because when you go to a doctor , you want him to help you to have a baby . However, when instead of doing so , he actually makes you infertile by doing the wrong treatment, this just adds insult to injury and makes you bitter and angry !
A classic example is women who have a missed abortion .
The standard method in the past for treating this was by doing a D&C . Today, thanks to advances in medicine, it's possible to terminate this pregnancy medically , using medicines such as Mifegest and Misoprostol , which allows the uterus to naturally empty itself. This is far safer for the patient, because the problem with the D&C is that it can cause intrauterine adhesions ( Asherman syndrome) , which damage the uterine lining, and prevent the women from getting pregnant again in the future . 
Sadly, many doctors don't offer the medical treatment option to their patients. They continue scaring them and forcing them to do a D&C , because this is much more profitable for them . It's quick and easy surgery , and they can charge for doing it . Since they can't charge as much for prescribing drugs, , they push patients into going into the operation theatre , even though this is not in the patient's best interests.
Now well-informed patients know that there is a medical option available , but even for these patients, it's easy for doctors to bulldoze them into doing surgery by saying - Your baby is dead , and this poison can then spread into your body , which is why it's urgent that we remove the baby right now , and surgery is the fastest and quickest way of doing this, and just takes a few minutes !
They scare the patient by telling them that medical abortions are painful , and have a higher risk of complications. 
However, the reality is the complication risk is much higher with a D&C , as compared with the medical procedure .
When patients realise afterwards that they been made infertile because of an unnecessary surgical procedure , they are very bitter , and refuse to trust any doctor in the future !

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