Friday, February 15, 2019

Making sense of IVF treatment

One of the problems with IVF treatment is that patients still don't understand what the process involves.  Not only doctors love complexifying the process ( so they can charge more for it !), there are so many myths and misconceptions floating around - both online and in the real world, that they don't know whom to trust.
Most of them assume that it's too complicated for them to understand, and are happy to leave everything upto their doctor. This is why they are very vulnerable, and it's easy for unscrupulous doctors to tale them for  ride, by using tons of jargon - and using this as a pretext to charge more for every additional service they offer - most of which are not needed at all. Sadly, patients can't push back, because they are so clueless about the process.
All you need to understand is that IVF is just the final common pathway which doctors can use in order to help you have a baby - it's a solution which allows us to bypass all the problems which can cause infertility. The good news is that that once you get pregnant after IVF, it's like any other pregnancy.
Think about it this way. Normally, the egg and the sperm fertilize and form an embryo in the fallopian tube , when fertile couples have sex in the bedroom. This embryos reaches the uterus after five days, and it then implants in the uterine lining.
Now, any problem in the bedroom - either with the sperms or the eggs or the tubes - can prevent this from happening, and cause infertility. In IVF, we fertilise the eggs with the sperm in the test tube, so that the embryo then spends 5 days in the test tube, instead of the fallopian tube ! After 5 days, we transfer the blastocyst back in the uterus, and if it implants, this is exactly like a normal pregnancy !
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