Friday, June 08, 2018

The Intelligent IVF Chatbot

IVF patients have lots of questions about IVF. What are the risks? What are the complications? What can I do to increase my chance of success? How do I find the right doctor?

Unfortunately , they don't know where to get these answers from. There are lots of myths and misconceptions which surround IVF, and these come from friends or family members who have done an IVF cycle - or even from someone whose relative did an IVF cycle ! A lot of this second-hand information is inaccurate , and creates a lot more confusion in the patient's mind , because she doesn't know whom to trust.  Is there any need to reast after IVF ? or is this just an old wife’s tale ?

Patients go to Dr. Google, who often confuses them even more , because so much of the information available online is contradictory and false !

They would love to be able to sit and chat with their doctor, but their doctor is too busy to answer their questions.

In order to bridge this gap between infertile patients and doctors, we have created the world's first infertility chatbot , Naima, as

Naima will patiently and happily answer all your questions, and because we have powered her with Artificial Intelligence, the quality of her answers will get better , the more questions patients ask her !
Try Naima out free at and help us to improve her !

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