Monday, June 04, 2018

Our IVF success story

We would like to share our wonderful experience with Drs. Anjali and Aniruddha Malpani. We have just begun our journey of parenthood and are thankful to Dr. Malpani for it.

 We had been married for 3.5 yrs at the time we met Dr. Malpani. We live in Delhi and had already consulted a few IVF specialists and undergone treatment in Delhi as per their advice, but we didn't get any success with the treatment. We were very disappointed as it is a physically and mentally exhausting process. We were not sure about what to do next and whether to continue with the same doctor.

We got to know about Dr. Malpani through some acquaintances and met him with our reports and asked for his opinion. He was very calm, patient and went through all the reports carefully. He was very encouraging and positive in his replies. He prefers direct communication with the patient and helps answer all queries.

 Afterwards, we emailed him several times and he always promptly replied with his recommended line of treatment. We found him to be very experienced and honest in his approach to treatment options. He gave us all possible options and helped us choose the best one.

All the scans and procedures are done by Dr. Malpani. The procedure was done by Dr Anjali Malpani, who is very good with it. She is very patient and understanding. She personally met us after the procedure and explained the instructions and medications that I needed to take.

 After anxiously waiting for two weeks, we were extremely happy to get a positive report. Things have been smooth since then and I am now in my first trimester.

 We keep updating Dr. Malpani about the progress through emails as we still have a lot of questions and he replies patiently every time. :) We trust him and prefer to take his guidance regarding the treatment or medication.

I would also like to mention Dr. Sai, the embryologist who works with Dr. Malpani, is also excellent at what he does. Embryologists play an important role in IVF treatment. All pictures of embryos were shared with us along with the grades, which had not happened in IVF done in Delhi. The process is very transparent with Dr. Malpani.

Also a special mention of the staff and nurses who are very helpful, kind and competent.

 We had a very positive experience with Drs. Anjali and Aniruddha Malpani and would definitely recommend them to people looking for infertility treatment.

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