Monday, November 06, 2017

What are my chances of getting pregnant with IVF ?

This is one of the commonest questions patients ask, but it's actually not a very helpful question for many reasons.

1. While clinics can share their success rate. remember that this percentage figure applies to a group of patients they have treated in the past, and this is not something you really care about. What you really want to know is what your chances of getting pregnant are  - and it's impossible for anyone to predict this for an individual patient !

2. For an individual patient, the percentage figure is meaningless, because the outcome for you is binary  - you either get a baby or you don't, which means the final answer is either 100% or 0 % !

3. For many Indian clinics, the figures they quote are not reliable, so take these with a large pinch of salt !

In any case, a far better way to think about this is in terms of delta , or difference.

The key question should be - How much will doing IVF improve your chances of having a baby, as compared to doing nothing ? Thus, if you have blocked tubes, you know that your chances of having a baby without IVF are zero, and you may decide anything is better than zero ! However, this is a very personal decision, and you need to make this for yourself, so you have peace of mind you did your best, and have no regrets later on.

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