Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Please don't do a laparoscopy !

Many doctors routinely do a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy for all infertile women.

They justify this by saying it's a simple diagnostic procedure, which will allow them to confirm that there is no anatomical problem.

They also say it's "minor surgery", which just involves a "small cut" and a few hours stay in a hospital.

What they don't tell the patient that there's absolutely no need to do a laparoscopy at all ! Let's not forget that the safest surgery is the one you don't need to do !

The truth is that laparoscopy does not provide us with any useful information which we cannot obtain with simpler non-invasive tests, such as a HSG and a vaginal ultrasound scan. Even more importantly, it really does not change the treatment options for the infertile couple.

The biggest danger is that it can actually reduce your fertility. Once the doctor puts a telescope inside your belly, he often gets "itchy fingers", and will do a procedure which is not called for at all !

If you doctor tells you to get a laparoscopy, just say No !


  1. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Hello...I have been married for more than 2 years...have not conceived yet...have normal AMH, FSH, LH, TSH levels...normal ultrasound...have tried induction twice...ovulatedon day 11 when follicle size was about 24mm, still no HSG reports say patent tubes with prompt spillage but suspected peritubal adhesions...I am totally confused...I have tried every my doctor wants me to go for laproscopy...I dont know what to decide...Can you kindly suggest something?

    1. I would not advise you to have a laparoscopy. Read more at

      The question should NOT be "Why am I not getting pregnant ? "
      Rather, it should be - What can I do in order to get pregnant ?"
      After all, no one cares about problems - we only care about results - about having a baby !

      The fact that you are not getting pregnant means that the eggs and sperm are not meeting in your fallopian tubes when you are trying naturally.
      This is called unexplained infertility. You can read more about this at

      Your next step is HMG/IUI, to increase the chances of the eggs and sperm
      meeting. You can read about this at

      If 3 cycles of this fail, then consider IVF (

      Treatment takes about 20 days. Should I send you the treatment plan ?

      Taking treatment at a world-class clinic will maximise your chances of success and give you peace of mind you did your best !

      We look forward to helping you to have a baby !

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