Thursday, July 20, 2017

The IVF embryoscope scam

Many IVF clinics are in a technology arms race. They want to play the game of one-upmanship, by boasting that the have the "newest and latest" technology, which makes them better than the other clinics.

While this is a great marketing ploy, the tragedy is that many clinics take naive patients for a ride, by claiming to use technology when they don't actually do so .

To add insult to injury, the charge a bomb for doing procedures which they never did !

The poor patient is clueless, because they have no idea what goes on inside the 4 walls of the IVF lab, because these doctors refuse to share information.

Thus, there are clinics which claim to use an embryoscope. Now, this is device which allows the embryologist to take videos of the embryos while they are growing inside the incubator , which means the doctor should be able to provide photos of the embryos to the patient.

However, these labs don't do so , because they don't actually use the embryoscope - and just claim to do so !

If you want to make sure that your doctor is not taking you for a ride, please insist that they give you photos of your embryos. If they don't do this routinely and proactively, this means that they may be lying to you, so you need to beware !

Not sure if your IVF clinic is playing games with you ? Please send me your medical details by filling in the form at so that I can guide you !

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