Friday, July 14, 2017

Fertile Conversations ! A Times of India Fertility Awareness Campaign

I am very glad to see that the Times of India has taken the initiative to create more awareness about infertility by launching a campaign called Fertile Conversations

This is a combined, print, online and real world campaign.

It has been sponsored by Nova IVI, a chain of infertility clinics in India, which means the primary purpose of the exercise is commercial - to promote their practise by getting infertile couples to come to their clinic for treatment by driving traffic to their website and their free events.

While this is a great way for Nova IVI to acquire more customers, the good news is that it's also encouraging more people to start talking about  what used to a taboo topic, which still carries a lot of social stigma in India.

Hopefully, having open conversations will encourage infertile couples  to reach out for help, rather than bottle up their angst and frustration, and this is all for the best. . It's something we have been doing free of cost for many years, and I am glad other clinics are now following in our footsteps !

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