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IVF success story - blessed with a baby after treatment at Malpani Infertility Clinic

Life is simple for people like us until any external factor makes it complicated. But what if the complication begins internally. Not a philosopher but life definitely comes up with a philosophy and that is let you make your life smooth let you live it simple but I am the creator I have some different plans for you. And thus God has his own plans for us as well.

 I and Mamta got married in 2009 and like others started our journey of knowing each other with all sorts of experience. Our journey was on the best of our joyride until one day we found ourselves on its roller coaster. The day I found myself numb for a while with no action of thoughts but still I had to be strong enough to make myself mentally active. My wife didn't even had time to realize what actually was on inside her body and all of sudden she went through the most horrible experience of her life where she found herself battling for breath. We rushed to the hospital, things turned puzzle within hours. I was told that something had burst in her right ovary and her body was filled with its residue All the new, unknown, complicated medical terms in front of me where only thing I knew was I want her back fit and perfect. After a long hours of operation things were in our favor and I got her back but with lot of painful days of her being weak and not able to live a normal life for at least an year.

After being declared as physically fit we thought of expanding our family as every couple does. But unlike other females my wife was no more a strong and normal women. Now she just had an ovary which clearly reduced fifty percent of chance of having a normal baby. And then one day when she went for a normal scan we were told like the same which happened in right ovary was on in the left as well. It made us scared and we really never wanted to take another chance of doing any kind of experiment. My sister in law just went to her successful attempt of IVF with Dr Anirudh and Anjali Malpani and was expecting her baby. We also were not at all in mood of delaying things and immediately handed over our case to Dr Malpani.

With just one discussion on mail we were sure things will just be right here. With no operation my wife's left ovary was cleared up by doing a simple ultrasound guided cyst aspiration and she was fine within a day. But because of just one ovary we were advised to go for IVF. So things were carried forward and we did our first IVF on February 2014. We did what we could do but things are not always in our favor, it was our hard luck or better would be to say that it was not the right time and we didn't got what we expected. We took a break for a year.

And again tried our new IVF cycle with a new pool of hope on March 2015. With Dr Anjali's excellent skill of taking out eggs from just one ovary it was amazing to know the numbers. This cycle was positive in every was and with God's blessings this time we had a good bunch of embryos as well. With an excellent approach of counseling his patients and making them mentally strong Dr Anirudh Malpani always made us mentally positive and strong to live this tough phase of life. More than me it was my wife who was actually going through life's most complicated journey which was hurting her mentally and physically both but positive approach of Dr Malpani just kept her going to each step of this journey.

Her second IVF was done and her result pregnancy test brought shower of happiness in our lives. This time it was positive and that was all we wanted and wished for. But things didn't stop here life has a lot more. Suddenly one day she started bleeding and some careless medical practitioner declared that nothing was left inside. It was natural that we all were hurt. My wife took her decision on her own, had a word with Sir Malpani and his behavior of handling each of his patient personally is commendable. He immediately advised to do a retest of the sample in another lab and asked my wife to take rest. After a week or so it clearly indicated that my wife was pregnant and our lives filled with joy once again.

With on and off a tough journey of pregnancy and blessings of God and our elders and with a strong and superb positive and experienced to the point support of Dr Anirudh & Dr Anjali Malpani and hospital staff and their team members today our lives are filled with giggles of our little baby Advik who arrived in our world on 16th November 2015 and gave a new aim to our life. Being thankful will be very less its like they gave us a new life. We both truly appreciate all your efforts to fulfill lives of couple like us so happening and showering our lives with happiness. We wish you all a very best in life.

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Being able to help create success stories like this is one of the reasons why being an IVF specialist is the best job in the world !

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