Wednesday, March 16, 2016

How Dr Google can increase IVF success rates !

There's no question that Doctor Google can be very powerful  - after all, it can provide you with all the information you want on IVF !  

It's also equally true that just like any powerful medicine, it can have a lot of side effects. A lot of husbands are very worried when their wives go hunting for information about IVF on the internet . They often get obsessed looking for abstruse minutiae, and will spend hours searching for information.

Husbands are protective, and are very worried about the effects of poor quality information on their wives. They know that a lot of the information on Google is unreliable, because it comes from  poor quality websites ; commercial organizations which are out to peddle their wares; or bulletin boards, which are full of posts uploaded by clueless patients.  Most of this information which has never been quality-controlled or verified. This is why a lot of husbands will stop their wives from going on the net. They get irritated when they surf for hours on end, and the standard advice they provide is - Please don't become half a doctor  - a little learning can be dangerous ! ,  Why can't you just trust our doctor and let him do what's right for us ?

However, ignorance is not bliss , and knowledge is still power ! The reality is that information is never good or bad - It can either be reliable or unreliable; updated or outdated; easy to understand or hard to figure out.  It's not the information per se which causes problems , it's the way you interpret it ! This depends upon your background knowledge, which allows you to make more sense of what you read; and your ability to critically interpret it .  Are you able to analyse the context in which the information is being provided ? Is it an individual person's opinion ? an established medical fact ? is it based on extensive research? or is it the result of a single animal study ?

It does require a sophisticated user to make good use of Doctor Google.  Blaming Doctor Google really doesn't help anyone.  Just like a powerful drug, which can have good effects as well as side effects , it's up to us to learn to use such a powerful weapon intelligently.  It can help you find the best IVF clinic, for example, by making sure you ask the right questions to the IVF doctor when selecting a clinic. It can teach you about the importance of demanding photos of your embryos, and how to interpret them, so that an IVF clinic cannot take you for a ride !

The combination of a motivated patient; Dr Google ; and an empathetic IVF doctor who can help you make sense of the information your unearth can definitely help you to improve your chances of getting pregnant !

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