Thursday, September 04, 2014

The problem with private medical colleges in India

This is an interesting article which talks about the problems with for-profit law schools in the USA.
 There are only a small number of for-profit law schools nationwide. But a close look at them reveals that the perverse financial incentives under which they operate are merely extreme versions of those that afflict contemporary American higher education in general. And these broader systemic dysfunctions have potentially devastating consequences for a vast number of young people—and for higher education as a whole.\
What's remarkable about this article is how it applies almost exactly  to private medical  colleges in India.

These are usually set up by powerful politicians, who get land for a song from the government, under the pretext that they are using it for non-profit educations purposes. They manage to get recognition from the Medical Council of India, and are then flooded with applications from students who want to become doctors, but cannot get admission into government medical colleges, which have very few seats. They then mint money, and churn out poor trained doctors, because of their abysmal teaching standards.

It's the next generation of patients who will pay the price for this short-sighted pursuit of profit on the part of the private medical colleges.

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