Wednesday, September 10, 2014

IVF success story from Malpani Infertility Clinic

Before we were recommended to consult Dr Malpani for a second opinion, I was already a little disillusioned with the IVF  treatment. With one normal pregnancy with a blighted ovum, 2 failed IUI cycles and one dropped IVF cycle I was a little sceptical.

The doc I was consulting was a really good doctor with good diagnostic skills but the issue was that the follicle monitoring and treatment was outsourced to another clinic. As a result the case was never under one single doc and for all major decisions we had to go back to the other clinic and if the doc was not available because of the hectic schedule then you would be at the mercy of any other available junior doc. So the entire cycle was never monitored by one doc especially not by the doc who we were consulting. Also sometimes the junior doc or assisting staff seemed really disassociated with the whole process and just going through the motions.

Being in the IT field we had gone through various sites regarding this field and had been to Dr Malpani's site quiet a lot of times. So I knew that he was one of the top docs in Mumbai which I was a little apprehensive. Would he be approachable ?

But in the first meeting itself just talking to Dr Aniruddh put all my apprehensions to rest. He was completely straight forward and upfront about telling us our options and explaining it to us. I was also amazed to see how technology savvy he was, and how easily he made himself available by emails.

During my first scan I met Dr Anjali and I felt completely comfortable as you would be with a friend. All of the scans are done either by Dr Aniruddh or Dr Anjali , so it was reassuring.  Like earlier cycles my follicle growth seemed to be slow, but Dr Anjali thought to give it a couple of more days with higher dosage of medicines. The result was two big follicles and two smaller follicles but as earlier my E2 level was still low but Dr Anjali explained to us that it is indicative but it's possible to get good quality eggs despite that and that from her end she would ensure to put in the maximum efforts to retrieve eggs but the decision to go ahead would be ours. We decide to go ahead and to our surprise 3 grade A and 2 grade B eggs were retrieved. My thought that moment was that if only we had come here in the first place then it would have saved us a lot of heartache. The pressure and worries of an IVF cycle does not ease up but it was definitely made very comfortable at Dr Malpani's clinic. Not only Dr Aniruddh, Dr Anjali or Dr Sai but the entire team makes you feel that they are with you in your effort and always make sure you are informed me of all steps in every treatment cycle. Unfortunately that IVF cycle resulted in what is termed as chemical pregnancy. It was as can be expected a little traumatic to go through all that and then to get a negative result. Dr Aniruddh told us to take our time and come back when we were ready.

I took a few months to finally decide to go ahead and emailed Dr Malpani. After that cycle I had complete confidence and comfort. This time I had decided to be completely neutral and not stress in the 14 day waiting period at all. Easier said than done but I actually managed to be off the internet forums. But as the day for the HCG test came near I felt as if there were no symptoms and I was almost disappointed and so convinced that I didn't even do a HPT. So it was a pleasant surprise to find a high HCG level. Dr Anjali called me up and congratulated us and that's when it actually sunk in that I was pregnant. Yay!!. But being the extreme sceptic and practical person I waited till the third HCG test to take it more positively. But that was not the end. Having experienced a blighted ovum before I kept my fingers crossed till the scan. Coincidentally the first scan was indicative of an early pregnancy so it was a further 10 days before it was reassuring enough that all things are fine.

I really appreciate how Dr Malpani is always so readily accessible to all his patients and how involved he is with them all in his evidently busy schedule. His site is a treasure of information. Being in the IT field its difficult for us to trust any information on the various other internet sites and forums, so it's a definite recommendation to check for information on Dr Malpani's site. And despite having gone through hundreds of patients having the same questions and fears, he patiently ensures to answer every one of them. Hope you always have that patience as I hope you know how much it means to a patient.

Thanks a million to Dr Malpani and team!

Jaya Pathare

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