Saturday, March 29, 2014

How can infertile patients ask the right questions?

One of the commonest friction points between patients and doctors is the quality of information exchange and medical knowledge transfer during a consultation. Patients feel that doctors don’t spend enough time answering their doubts, while doctors believe that patients waste too much time asking them pointless and irrelevant questions.

When patients approach a doctor for infertility treatment , their mind is filled with queries about the treatment and their condition. They want their doctor to address each question and explain every aspect. This is not possible for an overloaded doctor. The doctor usually does not have the time or the energy to reply to every question of  every patient. Patients may feel dissatisfied and may conclude that the doctor is unable to solve their problem. The easiest solution to this problem is for patients to learn to ask the right questions to get the best answers from the doctor.

Patients may have a long list of queries, but many of these questions can be easily answered by doing a quick internet research. The best way to approach this problem is for the patient to make a list of their questions and then start looking for answers. While google searches are helpful, because there’s so much unreliable and untrustworthy information available online, that you are much better off finding the answers at reliable sites such as !

Good-quality questions are those which relate to your specific problem ; and which require the doctor to tailor the information specifically to your condition . This approach will create a win-win
situation , where patients get satisfactory answers to all their questions ; and doctors are happy because they've been asked intelligent questions , and their time has not been wasted on generic stuff.

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