Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dealing with the risks of IVF

One reason patients find it so hard to start an IVF cycle is because of the risks associated with IVF. The good news is that the medical risks are very low – and in a good clinic, these are virtually zero. The major risk is financial , and this can be a major hurdle for many patients, However, it can be quantified and patients can make a well-informed decision as to whether or not they want to take on this risk .

The major intangible risk which puts many patients off IVF is the emotional risk – how will I cope if the cycle fails. Patients are often not able to express this risk , because the fear of failure paralyses them into inactivity.

They are very reluctant to gamble all the time, money and energy which needs to be invested in an IVF cycle, when the outcome is so uncertain. This is why many patients are not able to analyse this risk logically , because their heart takes over their head.

Because they are not able to deal with this in an intelligent and rational fashion , they end up making the worst possible decision – not doing IVF , without even understanding why they are reluctant to do it.  While it’s true that it's not compulsory for every infertile patient to do IVF, I think every patient who chooses not to do it should have a clear , logical , unemotional reason for why they are opting out of exploring and doing IVF.

They need to do this explicitly and make a list of logical reasons why IVF is not right for them. If they do not do so, then as time goes by , they may regret their decision . They may feel that this was an opportunity which they failed to pursue - and this regret often comes back to haunt them when they are older. All of us have taken risks in life at some point – and as grownup mature adults , we are capable of handling these risks.

You need to take risks if you want to achieve your goals . It’s a trade-off, as with so many things in life. Patients need to think about it dispassionately and unemotionally , in order to make the right decision for themselves. A simple trick is to pretend that you are making the deciding for your younger sister . Stepping outside of yourself will help to give you clarity and make a better and more thoughtful decision !

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