Friday, January 18, 2013

My opinion about the change in rules for surrogacy for gay foreigners

Gestational Surrogacy
The Times of India carried this story today. " In a first-of-its-kind step towards regulating the practice of surrogacy in India, the Union home ministry has issued stringent guidelines for visas being issued to foreigners seeking to rent a womb in India. The diktat indicates that gay couples and single foreigners will no longer be eligible to have an Indian surrogate bear their child as only a foreign "man and woman" who have been married for a period of two years will be granted visas."

While I understand the need to prevent the birth of stateless children; and the importance of ensuring that the child born after a surrogacy treatment will be able to travel back to their country with their intended parents, I feel this rule is discriminatory.

If the ICMR rules allow surrogacy for Indian gay couples and Indian single men, then why should it not allow foreigners to take advantage of this treatment facility in India as well ?

Also, if the adoption laws allow foreign single men and foreign gay couples to adopt from India, why should they logically not be allowed to do surrogacy as well ?
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  1. Anonymous11:14 AM

    100% agree with your statements

  2. Exactly! If adoption is allowed so surrogacy has to be. Also it's sad that the rules are not the same for Indian citizens and foreign nationals.


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