Monday, January 14, 2013

Does taking supplements help IVF patients ?

Dietary supplements
Practically all women doing IVF are taking supplements of one sort or another ! These are supposed to improve egg yield, egg quality and embryo implantation , thus helping to improve IVF pregnancy rates.  I have come across women who take over 10 different supplements daily – and I wonder how they manage to swallow so many different tablets, syrups and capsules in a day ! On second thoughts thought,  it is not surprising , because the craving for a baby can make a woman move heaven and earth; which means taking umpteen supplements is not such a difficult task to accomplish. I have heard the following questions repeatedly from other women who are undergoing IVF treatment – What supplements are you taking ? Or can you recommend any supplement which can improve egg quality ? Is there any special diet which could help in increasing the chances of IVF success ? I wish I knew a magic supplement or diet which will make our much desired wishes come true !

Here's an article which teaches you to taking supplements help IVF patients ..?
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